This is the closest video shot at the World Trade Center complex immediately following the crash of American Airlines Flight 11 into the World Trade Center on September 11, 2001.

The video was filmed across the WTC Plaza at the Millennium Hotel by Tami Michaels and Guy Rosbrook during their visit to New York City. The video was handed over a few years ago to federal authorities to be used as evidence in the Zacharias Moussaoui trial.

The video has stirred some controversy as it shows some workers inside the North Tower of the World Trade Center falling to their deaths.

Minutes into the video, the engines of United Airlines Flight 175 can be heard roaring above the plaza. The impact of UA 175 was only captured in part before the tape is stopped.

The Millennium Hotel was destroyed following the collapse of both towers of the World Trade Center.

The 25-minute video was also turned over to ABC News and New York’s local NBC affiliate WNBC-TV. The video was posted to YouTube by NIST. [YouTube]

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