From KXTV Sacramento:

In a pay package slated for review at this week’s Board of Trustees meeting, newly appointed CSU Fullerton President Mildred Garcia will get $324,500 in base pay, plus housing and a $12,000-per-year car allowance. That’s exactly 10 percent more than her predecessor, Milton Gordon, who in 2011 had a base salary of $295,000.

It’s also 10 percent more than Garcia earned in base pay at her previous post as president of CSU Dominguez Hills, according to CSU’s executive compensation summary.

Leroy Morishita, the new president at CSU East Bay, will get $303,660 plus $60,000 per year for housing and a $12,000 annual car allowance. That’s 10 percent above predecessor Mohammad Qayoumi’s base pay in 2010, as well as a 10 percent raise for Morishita, who had been serving as interim president in Qayoumi’s stead since July.

Several lawmakers have introduced legislation aimed at further reining in executive compensation at CSU and other state agencies. Sen. Leland Yee, D-San Francisco, introduced SB 967, which would prohibit the governing boards of CSU and the community colleges from providing raises for top executives during bad budget years or within two years of a student fee increase. It also would limit the pay of an incoming executive to no more than 5 percent above his or her predecessor.

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