Statement On The Exposure Of Anonymous Hackers By Gawker

Earlier today, the website Gawker published a story outing several high-level members of the hacktivist group Anonymous.  The Gawker story sourced me in several paragraphs as a journalist who had gained access to secret chat rooms in which high-ranking members of the group would plan various attacks on websites, to be executed by common members of Anonymous in public chat rooms.

I provided Gawker with just one of dozens of logs that were taken during my two-month access to top level hackers within Anonymous. In addition to providing Gawker with one log, I provided the PBS NewsHour with a record back in December.  

I identified myself as a journalist during my interaction with the top-level Anonymous hackers and at no time did I offer said individuals any agreement of confidentiality. In fact, I asked several of them for their feelings should they be exposed. They seemed, by and large, indifferent.

The rest of the aforementioned logs have been sent to an overseas news organization.  We are currently coordinating how and when those logs will be released.

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