Exclusive: Donald Trump has no interest in running for President, aide says

Donald Trump, the CEO of the Trump Organization who has conducted numerous television and magazine interviews over the past several weeks, has no serious intention of running for the office of the President, a source with close knowledge of the matter said.

Trump has been thrust into the media spotlight over the past few weeks, criticizing President Barack Obama’s current term in office and questioning the authenticity of his American citizenship. 

The overwhelming amount of political criticism and willingness to conduct media interviews since the beginning of the year have led many to speculate whether the real estate mogul would officially announce a 2012 Presidential bid.

However, a source close to the matter told ProducerMatthew.com Trump has “no current interest in conducting a serious Presidential run” for next year.

Reaching out to ProducerMatthew.com one week ago by e-mail, the source, who wants to be identified only as “an aide or assistant” close to Trump and employed by the Trump Organization, said Trump’s willingness to conduct interviews over the past several weeks have been “attempts to gain exposure.” The source did not say what the exposure was or wasn’t for.

The exposure seems to be working. A survey conducted by the organization Public Policy Polling found Trump is at the top of the list of potential GOP candidates for the Presidency with 26%, a nine-point lead over former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee and several points ahead of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin.

The poll numbers are indicative of Trump’s influence on the GOP. Trump has spoken out on several issues that hit close to home for the Republican Party, including the repeal of the Healthcare Reform Act, the withdrawal of troops from Iraq and Afghanistan and social issues surrounding abortion and same-sex marriage.

Some of Trump’s stances have raised eyebrows, notably his demand that President Obama produce a legal and official certificate of birth to prove citizenship. Several of his Republican counterparts have distanced themselves from Trump’s so-called “birther” ideology.

Still, the owner of several large casinos and hotels across the country has enjoyed political media dominance. According to the New York Times, Donald Trump received a 33% increase in media coverage between March and April. The figure reflects 4,000 newspapers and broadcasters who are monitored by the website NewsLibrary.com.

Trump’s lack of current interest in running for the Office of the President should come as no surprise — though the same speculation surrounded him in 2000, 2004 and 2008, Trump has never officially announced his intention to run during or before any election year.

Trump has told reporters he will officially announce a decision regarding his potential candidacy sometime before June.

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