You can read her work at the Australasian Business Legal. You can email her tips and corrections. You can network with her on Facebook.

Just about the only thing you can’t do is take her out to lunch. That’s because Thomson Reuters journalist Michelle Boatley isn’t real.

Journalist and media blogger Jim Romenesko outed Boatley last week as a fake, created from the imaginations of Thomson Reuters editors who apparently used fake bylines on ABL stories to make their newsroom staff look larger than it actually was.

Romenesko published the story last Friday on what must have been a very rough week for Thomson Reuters. Earlier in the week, I published a memo issued by TR managers to me last October after I failed to identify myself as a Thomson Reuters journalist on a parody account created during off-work hours.

Thomson Reuters apparently holds personal Twitter accounts of its employees to a higher standard of disclosure than it does its own journalism, as the company’s policy regarding “misrepresentation” doesn’t seem to apply here.

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